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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Why you Should Stop Relying on Social Media to Keep in Touch with your Friends

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.
Arguably the most popular platforms people are using to stay connected to their friends and family. When used responsibly, they’re great. You can see photos, video and status updates all in one place. It’s easy to see how your loved ones are doing. You don’t need to have an actual conversation with them anymore, you can just scroll down your timeline and be instantly updated. No phone calls or text messages necessary.
I’m here to tell you that notion is completely false. I got a shock to the system end of last year. Good friends of mine were struggling and I had no idea. Friends and associates who were going through financial difficulty, issues with employment, mental health concerns and other troubles...


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Glow Up - Bobbi Brown, Sleek MakeUP, L'oreal and Urban Decay Highlighters

Hey dude,

I'm writing about highlighters today. Tis the season and all that. Just kidding, I'm not Pagan :P
I do love a good highlight, though. I've been using the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze forever and it's mega old. But for a long time it went unused. Then Instagram arrived and hello highlighter obsession. I will say that I don't highlight in that insane way where you can probably see it from space but a little on them cheekbones and I'm all set.

I recently tried a liquid highlight and rather than apply it solely to my cheekbones I applied it all over my face and then applied my foundation on top. It was lovely. It gave a really nice effect. I had a great conversation with this really nice advisor in Boots a few months ago and I found myself buying the L'oreal True Match Liquid Glow Illuminator in Golden Glow. Before this, I'd never used a liquid highlight before. I would definitely recommend either mixing it with your foundation or applying it first and then your foundation.  It really makes your complexion glow and you avoid that mask effect when your skin just looks dull after foundation application. It was super affordable too, only £6.99.

One of my favourite powder drugstore highlighters, that is technically a blush, is the well-known Nars Orgasm dupe: Sleek MakeUp Rose Gold. This is an awesome powder highlighter. I never wear it as a blush as I don't like that much shimmer/pigment on my entire cheek. But as a highlight it's fabulous. Sleek Makeup blushes retail for £4.49 which is nothing short of awesome. I've reviewed Rose Gold here.

I haven't given Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze its due. This is a pricey powder highlighter indeed, but I would say it's worth it. Especially if you're taking lots of selfies for blogging purposes, wear a full face every day or work in the Beauty industry. Shimmer Brick in Bronze is great for my skin tone. The shimmer is mesmerising and you can see why this highlighter has a coveted place in the blogging world. I will say that the Shimmer Brick highlighters are sophisticated. That is the best word to describe them. If you want to add glow to your complexion without looking like a drunken disco ball I would invest in this one.

Last but by no means least is my newest addition! Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmer Powder in Aura. I bet you were wondering when Urban Decay was going to make an appearance. I had £20 worth of points on my Debenhams  beauty club card and since points expire I knew I had to spend them.

Rose Gold, Bronze and Aura swatches.

I was in town with the wifey who was visiting me and I spotted it. I had been meaning to get a new high end highlighter. Mainly out of curiosity more than anything. This highlight is insane. I really like it. I never thought I'd be into a highlight with such a stark pink undertone but here we are. My only criticism is that the glitter falls on your clothes. I'm not a massive fan of glitter in highlighters. Shimmer all the way. So I would definitely advise that you apply this highlight before you get dressed! Weird, I know, but brushing glitter off your clothes is an arduous task and not a welcome one. That being said it is a nice highlight. I'm not a massive fan of the bulky packaging but it does come with a soft brush.

My favourite brush to apply powder highlighters is my contour brush in the Real Techniques core collection set.

What are your favourite highlighters? Will you be buying anymore for the holiday season?

Love blackpistachio x


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paints - Raine Fever

Oh my goodness. It has been a very long time since I blogged. Sincere apologies.
Over the last 2 months I have been exploring lipsticks and have become obsessed with liquid matte lipsticks. I bought the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Damned but promptly returned that after the mini Instagram drama that revealed what a rude dismissive woman she is. Anyway, I discovered Coloured Raine. A black-owned cosmetics company that is vegan, cruelty free and produces some fabulous products. As I blog, I am waiting on a delivery of Roulette and Tootsie also by Coloured Raine. (Instagram, I blame you or this).

The first liquid matte lipstick I bought was Raine Fever. This is a very popular colour by Coloured Raine. I've worn this a few times and got so many compliments. More so than when I wore my Urban Decay Disturbed and Blackmail (shocker). I realised that I MUST blog about this liquid matte lipstick.

First of all this liquid matte lipstick is seriously long wearing. I am not messing about. I mean it. Removing this is not easy either. I used an oil cleanser and a warm flannel but was still left with pinkish lips! I ate proper meals and drinks and Raine Fever did not wear off one bit. I was so impressed. I've never experience this before. Now I know why people love matte lipsticks so much!

Secondly the colour is gorgeous and looks great on black and brown skin tones. It dries to a complete matte and is comfortable to wear. I recently tried the NYX lingerie lipsticks and they dried to the point where my lips were all crinkle up and stiff. Not very nice. But with Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paints, this is not a problem. They dry matte very quickly and you can layer colour with no issues.
I got mine from BeautyBay (no custom taxes) and they retail for £15. Totally worth it.

I love this colour! I will definitely review Tootsie and Roulette once they arrive.
Do you own any matte lip paints by Coloured Raine? What are YOUR favourite liquid matte lipsticks? Tell me below :)

Love blackpistachio x


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Disturbed and 24/7 Glide-On Lipliner Hex

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Hex

Vice Lipstick in Disturbed
When I heard Urban Decay was releasing 100 lipsticks I got very excited. I'm not a lipstick lover but I definitely wanted to explore the launch. Cue me watching as many swatch videos Youtube had to offer. Best one for melanin babes is this one by Sonjdra Deluxe :) She is a trooper. She wears all 100 shades!

This launch is unique as the 100 shades come in a range of finishes. Cream (the OG), Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Sheer and Sheer Shimmer. If you have an iPhone you can download the free Urban Decay app that lets you try on all 100 shades so you can see how they will all look! I don't have an iPhone but my sister does so I kinda took over her phone for a few days as I played with the app.

Wearing Disturbed

I decided the first one I would get was Disturbed based on how great it looked on Sonjdra Deluxe. Disturbed is a Comfort-Matte. The colour is rich and glides on nicely. You can deepen the colour by layering it on if you want it to look really dark. I bought the Hex 24/7 Glide-On Lipliner in Hex to go with it. There isn't a Disturbed lipliner but Hex goes with it well.  Using a lipliner to prime my lips, Disturbed lasts AGES. I will say this, it's not easy to remove which is a testimony to the staying power.

I really like this lipstick. There's other shades I would like to get so watch this space for more posts. The Urban Decay Vice lipsticks retail for £15.00.

Do you own any of the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks? What shades are you loving?

Love blackpistachio x


Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Makeup Brush Egg - Ingenious Little Tool You Never Knew You Needed

Hi everyone, I haven't been around as I've been unwell but I'm back now and ready to blog again :)

I bought this brush egg in May when I saw something similar being used on Youtube. I know Sigma has a fancy brush cleansing glove and recently Real Techniques came out with a brush cleansing palette (it looks really good btw). But I bought this little egg before Real Technique's cleansing palette came out.

Brush Egg, check out the nifty grooves
I got this brush egg from Amazon for only £1.19 and delivery was free. I think it came from somewhere in Asia so it look a long time to arrive. I don't know about you, but I hate cleaning my brushes. I do it but I don't enjoy doing it. It's a straight up chore. Using the palm of your hand to cleanse brushes takes a long time so no wonder cosmetics companies are coming out with products to make this necessary task easier.

If you use liquid and cream makeup products you definitely need to be washing your brushes AT LEAST weekly. Bacteria on your skin as well as dirt and oil are going to get clogged up in your brushes and in your makeup which is the last thing you want. Cleanliness next to Godliness, people.

Anyway, this little brush egg is a thing of genius. Now, it's not the most comfortable tool to wear on two fingers as demonstrated in the diagram (to counteract this just hold it in your hand) but it does clean my base makeup brushes very well. Washing my makeup brushes takes less time and I'm able to work a sulfate-based cleanser into the bristles far more effectively than I could when using my palm.

I think that everyone should definitely own some kind of variation of this because it really does help cut into the time it takes to deep clean your makeup brushes. I no longer dread cleaning them so much ;)

Do you own a brush egg? How do you like to deep clean your brushes?

Love blackpistachio x


Monday, 13 June 2016

Artist of Makeup Extreme Art Liner Pen - The Best Liquid Eyeliner Ever

If you’re addicted to Youtube beauty tutorials you’re not alone. If you find yourself buying products used in the tutorials then I am right there with you, sister.


Saturday, 11 June 2016

Champagne Flop - Jaclyn Hill x Becca Collab

I wasn't initially going to blog about this but the numerous video reviews and thread comments have enticed me to do so. I was one of those who was looking forward to purchasing the hyped up Becca x Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette.


Monday, 30 May 2016

Soap & Glory SPF 50 Sunshield Superfluid Review for Black Skin

Sunscreens for Black Skin
Soap & Glory Sunshield Superfluid SPF 50
I've finally found a sunscreen for black skin that doesn't leave a white cast!


Sunday, 29 May 2016

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