Thursday, 17 March 2016

Review: Hair Therapy Wrap for Deep Conditioning Low Porosity Afro Hair

Hi all!
If you have low porosity afro hair then you know how difficult it is to get your hair to accept and retain moisture.
To have low porosity hair means that your hair cuticle lies flat and tight which makes it difficult to moisturise and  condition effectively.

                                                                                   This is why using heat is recommended to get the hair cuticle to open up, therefore allowing you to get the best out of your conditioning treatments. After doing a lot of reading online I decided to purchase the Hair Therapy Wrap. I bought it from British Curlies through Amazon for £22.49 (not inc delivery). I was very excited when it arrived. However, using it was not as simple as I thought it would be.

I posted a few silly snaps on Snapchat of me preparing the hair therapy wrap for use. I read review online that some people had their gel packs burst in the mircowave so I resolved to heat the gel backs in boiling water for 5 minutes instead. Once I heated the gel packs and allowed them to stand for 1 minute I had the fun and dangerous task of not burning myself once I played the gel packs in the hair therapy wrap and zipping it up. I managed to do so without giving myself third degree burns and now I could finally wear it on my head and enjoy 20 minutes of deep conditioning :)

After 20 minutes I removed the hair therapy wrap, the plastic shower cap it came with (it comes with three which I think is quite generous) I rinsed my hair. It felt much softer and my sister could feel the difference in my hair. I've used it twice now since I've bought it and it is something I will continue to use. The only thing I'm not keen on is the fact that there isn't much confidence in the reviews to heat the gel packs in the microwave. There are a lot of reviews online where the gel packs didn't burst, so I can only assume that those users might have heated their gel packs for too long or their microwaves were stronger than most.

I would love it if the heat element could be something that could be charged and used that way, eliminating the risk of bursting any part of the hair therapy wrap and possibly enjoying a higher temperature safely.

There is another product I'd like to try. It's a hair steamer very similar to the Heutiful one popular in the US. It's little over £40 which isn't too bad and uses water to generate the heat. It looks quite promising so watch this space.

Pros of the Hair Therapy Wrap:
Can be heated via the microwave or boiling water
Allows you to continue with your day instead of being stuck to a socket
Cons of the Hair Therapy Wrap:
Only gives 20 minutes of decent heat to deep condition your hair
Could be hotter
Fiddly to use the gel packs once hot. Be careful!

My verdict on the Hair Therapy Wrap is that it is an inexpensive way to deep condition your hair. It did make a noticeable difference to my hair texture, my hair was softer which is what you want. If I'd paid more for it I wouldn't feel positive about it but it was under £25 and is reuseable and allows me to move around.

Let me know what you think of the Hair Therapy Wrap, what type of hair texture/porosity you have and your methods for deep conditioning.

blackpistachio x


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