Sunday, 15 May 2016

Brows on Fleek: bareMinerals Frame & Define vs NYX Micro Brow

Who remembers when everyone wanted their brows to look non-existent? Or when girls felt embarrassed by having full luscious brows? I know those ladies with full brows are laughing now. Everyone's trying to imitate!

I, for one, am blessed with thick brows. However, they're not full and can be a bit sparse in places. After getting them threaded I like to fill them in and make them darker and fuller. I'm not a fan of carving them out with concealer which is a HUGE trend on Instagram as I feel it makes them looks far too artificial. I prefer them to look full but still natural.

My favourite products to do this? bareMinerals Frame & Define brow pencil and NYX Micro Brow pencil.

I have Frame & Define in Universal Dark and Micro Brow in Espresso. The bareMinerals brow pencil retails for £14 and the NYX brow pencil is £7. You get 0.09g of product in both.

Both brow pencils come with a spooly attached which helps to brush the product through your brow hairs for even distribution and if you were too zealous upon application you can reduce some of the damage ;)
Both pencils are mechanical so you can twist to release and retract the product.

The biggest difference between the two (apart from the price) is the texture. Frame & Define is soft and Micro Brow is slightly hard.

L-R Frame & Define and Micro Brow

First pair is my right brow natural and with bareMinerals. Second pair is my left brow natural and with NYX Micro Brow.

I've been using bareMinerals Frame & Define for several months now and I love it. It makes doing my brows an absolute breeze because the product is pigmented and soft so it glides really easily and makes doing my brows super easy.

I bought the NYX Micro Brow pencil because I wanted to see if a drugstore product could achieve the same result. It does for all intents and purposes BUT the ease of application definitely differs. I find that Micro Brow is a little hard when using it and it doesn't glide as nicely as Frame & Define. That said, after several uses you get used to it so it's not a deal breaker. Frame & Define is more pigmented so I don't need to use a lot of it. With Micro Brow I do have to press a little harder to achieve decent pigmentation.

I like both brow pencils but the clear winner for me is Frame & Define.

What is your favourite brow product? Let me know :)

Love blackpistachio x


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