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Review: Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Serum

I'm really getting into my skincare lately. Before, my skincare routine was as follows:

Cleansing oil
Face wash
Acid toner

Now I'm all about them serums! Once you're in your mid-twenties it's time to introduce them into your skincare routine. There's not much point in waiting for sun damage or deep lines to set in. You want to avoid that. Sunscreen is key btw. More on that in another blogpost. I'm learning why serums are so important for your skincare routine. If they're a really good one they'll contain several key ingredients to improve your skin. Ingredients such as retinol, vitamin c (asorbic acid), vitamin e (tocopherol), hyaluronic acid, nourishing essential oils such as rosehip oil and much more. There are several I would love to sample but I can't afford them. *Weeps*

I have combination skin with considerable (superficial, according to my dermatologist) hyperpigmention from acne. Years ago I was using numerous products to control my oily skin but didn't realise that I was encouraging it by depriving my skin of moisture. Side note: Foaming washes are evil. I've had some AWFUL scars that with regular use of rosehip oil have healed and disappeared which has confirmed a well-known fact. If you want your scars to heal and fade they NEED moisture.

Enter Hydraluron by Indeed Labs.

I had no idea the huge reputation this product had in the blogging world. It has the approval of skincare goddess Caroline Hirons (if you don't know who she is, give her a google) and many bloggers/consumers like you and me.

I bought it several weeks ago from Boots and was pleased to get it on offer for £16 and some change. It's normally £25.99 and $24.99. There was only ONE left on the shelf and the box was a little damaged. I really wanted it and checked to see if the seal was intact. It was so I snapped it up. It hasn't been in stock in store since :( I've checked online and they finally have it again.

I've been using this product day and night for several weeks. I use it just before I apply my moisturiser. It's best to use it with a water based moisturiser so you want water/aqua to be the dominant ingredient. I love this product. It has helped my new scars to heal and has improved some of my hyperpigmentation. I have fine lines that I've noticed recently (SO annoying) and I know that I need to hydrate my skin like crazy in order to keep them at bay. 

Hyaluronic acid works to attract and retain moisture so you don't lose it. When I wake up in the morning my skin looks great. It looks plump, fresh and the lines are less pronounced as my skin is more hydrated. My makeup also looks much better and lasts longer. Hydraluron has a gel-like consistency and absorbs quickly. I use a pea-sized amount as directed. Try not to rub it in too much to avoid the serum pilling (balling up).

I really like this serum. I wouldn't class it as one of the hardcore serums out there as it only has one beneficial ingredient which is what is marketed the hardest (obviously). I'm researching other serums that have more beneficial ingredients rather than just the one. Sadly, I've found that these ones are quite expensive. One I'm seriously coveting is this one by Dennis Gross. The full ingredient list shows that it contains many skincare superstars: retinol, lactic acid, niacinamide, collagen amino acids, sodium hyaluronate, ferulic acid and so much more! I WANT. We'll see what we can do.

I will definitely keep using this product. I'm liking Indeed Labs products so far. Check out my first impressions on their vitamin c24 facial creme here

I have posts coming up on acid peels by Bravura London and my full night time skincare routine. Check out my instagram for a quick photo preview :)

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  1. Love this review! I'm starting to look for serums/oils too to introduce in my regime but its true they are expensive!

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Thanks so much! :)

      I know. Eep. A necessary evil as we get older methinks ;)

      Thank you for reading :) Please like and share x


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