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Champagne Flop - Jaclyn Hill x Becca Collab

I wasn't initially going to blog about this but the numerous video reviews and thread comments have enticed me to do so. I was one of those who was looking forward to purchasing the hyped up Becca x Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette.

I wasn't interested in the face palette as the colours didn't appeal to me but the Becca x Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette looked really nice so was definitely on my wishlist.

That was before the uprawr in the online beauty community regarding the quality of the eyeshadow palette being brought into major disrepute. I have to say that the comments and video reviews had made me disappointed, then annoyed and finally amused.

If you're not aware of what beauty lovers have dubbed the #ChampagneFlop I will recap as succinctly as possible. The new collaboration between Jaclyn Hill and Becca was highly anticipated. A new eyeshadow palette and face palette were to be released to the public on the 16th of June. Many PR samples were sent and the reviews came flooding in. Big Youtubers praised both palettes for quality and pigmentation. Then reviews started coming from Youtubers with a much smaller following and these reviews did not share this enthusiasm.

To be fair to Jaclyn Hill and Becca their previous collab was a big hit and Champagne Pop continues to be loved by make up lovers all over the world. However, this collab has failed miserably. So much so, both palettes will not be released as scheduled on the 16th of June. The products have been pulled with no hint as to whether they will be released after improvements.

What reviewers have said is that the formula is not the same and the palettes were manufactured in China and not the US. This is a major red flag. You don't need a business degree to deduce that manufacturing in China will be significantly cheaper than manufacturing in the US. The real kicker is what reviewers have clocked is the ingredients list being identical to that of drugstore brands. The eyeshadow palette in particular was going to retail for $40 and yet reviewers have done their own digging and found eyeshadows with identical ingredients by drugstore brands selling for as little as $3.49.

What I think is so bad about this situation is the way it has been handled. Jaclyn Hill allegedly raved about the products, emphasised her involvement with their creation from start to finish, but as soon as the proverbial plop hit the fan, back tracked faster than  no-one's business. Her extensive Snapchat story threw Becca under the bus. She stressed that the only eyeshadow she had creative input with was Champagne Toast and claimed to have no knowledge of the change in formula or manufacturer. Becca has also pleaded ignorance regarding the poor quality.

Call me crazy but what kind of highend cosmetics company and huge beauty Youtuber would have no knowledge of poor quality, a change in formula and manufacturer before a massive PR launch?

This is shady as hell.

I think it's terrible business practice to state how extensive your creative input was on a product but then backtrack and throw your business partner under the bus when regular joes feel they've been duped. I don't own any Becca products and it's not very likely that I will be buying any. Their highlighters were something I was always interested in but if a company as big as them are willing to manufacture their products cheaply, change product formulas and still sell the product at full cost, that's not a brand I would be willing to invest in. And let's face it - highend makeup is an investment. It's expensive face paint.

The cosmetics industry largely depends on great marketing and advertising but also word-of-mouth. No matter how good your advertising, word-of-mouth will always trump it. Those in the beauty community have emphatically stated the stark contrast in quality compared to Becca's other eyeshadow palettes. Those palettes were made in the US. Coincidence? Doubtful.

The decent thing would be to be honest about the launch. Admit the formula change, accept that the poor quality was not unknown and promise to manufacture the products in the US so the consumer can get the best quality they're used to. Not pull the item completely and leave the consumer in the dark which is what Becca has done. Jaclyn Hill has since deleted her video praising the products.

Credibility wise I think that Jaclyn Hill and Becca have caused some real damage. Over the years viewers have become sceptical about how honest their beloved beauty gurus are. With sponsored posts and Youtubers who participate in cliquey groups, there appears to be a ''you scratch my back I scratch yours'' mentality where they will praise eachother's products/collabs thoughtlessly and not give their real opinion. I think this situation proves that we cannot take what they say as gospel. The smaller Youtube channels and blogs are far likely to give an honest opinion as they have no monetary gain.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this all pans out but as far as Youtube/Cosmetics collabs go I'll be sitting this one out.

Love blackpistachio xo


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