Sunday, 5 June 2016

Urban Decay Electric Palette Review and HD Swatches on Black Skin

Urban Decay Electric palette

Do you ever find yourself in a funk and then resort to some retail therapy? That's how I came to acquire this beautiful palette. I love Urban Decay. They're my favourite highend makeup brand. I'd watched a lot of tutorials on Youtube that used the Urban Decay Electric palette. I love bright and colourful eyeshadows. A lot of people tend to prefer neutral colours but I like my eyeshadow to stand out. The colours I'm a sucker for are blues, greens and purples. Divebar and Evidence by Urban Decay are definite favourites. I don't own any eyeshadows like the Urban Decay Electric palette and decided to expand my makeup collection.

Look how amazing these colours are :)


Revolt, Gonzo and Slowburn

Savage, Fringe and Chaos

Jilted, Urban and Freak

The Urban Decay Electric palette is a mix of mattes and shimmers. I found the mattes blended nicely but you did have to watch out for a little bit of fading during blending. This is easily sorted by packing the colour on. The shimmer colours blend without any problems. The only colour I can't see myself using is Slowburn. Some people have said that these colours can stain which is true. I found this with Slowburn and a bit with Savage. Using a primer and an oil-based makeup remover resolved that issue for me. These aren't normal eyeshadows. They're pressed pigments so they're more intense.

The sun's shining (for now) so experiement with some colour! :) I don't normally wait for summer to wear bright eyeshadows. I was rocking Urban Decay Grasshopper from their Vice 4 palette in December ;)

If you want to see some eyeshadow looks using the Urban Decay Electric palette then hit me up! :)

Love blackpistachio x



  1. I think this palette is so gorgeous!! I love the bright colors so much! I still need to pick up this palette! Thanks for the reminder!! I love your swatches!!


  2. Hey Elisabeth!

    Me too :-D

    Not a problem ;) thanks very much :) :) xo

  3. I still want this palette, don't know why I've not purchased it but I think the staining was the issue, the reds and purples stain so I've been told from those who own it still a gorgeous palette though xo

    LaaLaa | Dolce Vanity

    1. Hey LaaLaa :)

      I've been ok with the purples. It was Slowburn that stained a bit as did Savage. I think this palette coupled with a dark brown matte would make some stunning looks. I need to play with it some more :) xo


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