Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Makeup Brush Egg - Ingenious Little Tool You Never Knew You Needed

Hi everyone, I haven't been around as I've been unwell but I'm back now and ready to blog again :)

I bought this brush egg in May when I saw something similar being used on Youtube. I know Sigma has a fancy brush cleansing glove and recently Real Techniques came out with a brush cleansing palette (it looks really good btw). But I bought this little egg before Real Technique's cleansing palette came out.

Brush Egg, check out the nifty grooves
I got this brush egg from Amazon for only £1.19 and delivery was free. I think it came from somewhere in Asia so it look a long time to arrive. I don't know about you, but I hate cleaning my brushes. I do it but I don't enjoy doing it. It's a straight up chore. Using the palm of your hand to cleanse brushes takes a long time so no wonder cosmetics companies are coming out with products to make this necessary task easier.

If you use liquid and cream makeup products you definitely need to be washing your brushes AT LEAST weekly. Bacteria on your skin as well as dirt and oil are going to get clogged up in your brushes and in your makeup which is the last thing you want. Cleanliness next to Godliness, people.

Anyway, this little brush egg is a thing of genius. Now, it's not the most comfortable tool to wear on two fingers as demonstrated in the diagram (to counteract this just hold it in your hand) but it does clean my base makeup brushes very well. Washing my makeup brushes takes less time and I'm able to work a sulfate-based cleanser into the bristles far more effectively than I could when using my palm.

I think that everyone should definitely own some kind of variation of this because it really does help cut into the time it takes to deep clean your makeup brushes. I no longer dread cleaning them so much ;)

Do you own a brush egg? How do you like to deep clean your brushes?

Love blackpistachio x


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