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The Glow Up - Bobbi Brown, Sleek MakeUP, L'oreal and Urban Decay Highlighters

Hey dude,

I'm writing about highlighters today. Tis the season and all that. Just kidding, I'm not Pagan :P
I do love a good highlight, though. I've been using the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze forever and it's mega old. But for a long time it went unused. Then Instagram arrived and hello highlighter obsession. I will say that I don't highlight in that insane way where you can probably see it from space but a little on them cheekbones and I'm all set.

I recently tried a liquid highlight and rather than apply it solely to my cheekbones I applied it all over my face and then applied my foundation on top. It was lovely. It gave a really nice effect. I had a great conversation with this really nice advisor in Boots a few months ago and I found myself buying the L'oreal True Match Liquid Glow Illuminator in Golden Glow. Before this, I'd never used a liquid highlight before. I would definitely recommend either mixing it with your foundation or applying it first and then your foundation.  It really makes your complexion glow and you avoid that mask effect when your skin just looks dull after foundation application. It was super affordable too, only £6.99.

One of my favourite powder drugstore highlighters, that is technically a blush, is the well-known Nars Orgasm dupe: Sleek MakeUp Rose Gold. This is an awesome powder highlighter. I never wear it as a blush as I don't like that much shimmer/pigment on my entire cheek. But as a highlight it's fabulous. Sleek Makeup blushes retail for £4.49 which is nothing short of awesome. I've reviewed Rose Gold here.

I haven't given Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze its due. This is a pricey powder highlighter indeed, but I would say it's worth it. Especially if you're taking lots of selfies for blogging purposes, wear a full face every day or work in the Beauty industry. Shimmer Brick in Bronze is great for my skin tone. The shimmer is mesmerising and you can see why this highlighter has a coveted place in the blogging world. I will say that the Shimmer Brick highlighters are sophisticated. That is the best word to describe them. If you want to add glow to your complexion without looking like a drunken disco ball I would invest in this one.

Last but by no means least is my newest addition! Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmer Powder in Aura. I bet you were wondering when Urban Decay was going to make an appearance. I had £20 worth of points on my Debenhams  beauty club card and since points expire I knew I had to spend them.

Rose Gold, Bronze and Aura swatches.

I was in town with the wifey who was visiting me and I spotted it. I had been meaning to get a new high end highlighter. Mainly out of curiosity more than anything. This highlight is insane. I really like it. I never thought I'd be into a highlight with such a stark pink undertone but here we are. My only criticism is that the glitter falls on your clothes. I'm not a massive fan of glitter in highlighters. Shimmer all the way. So I would definitely advise that you apply this highlight before you get dressed! Weird, I know, but brushing glitter off your clothes is an arduous task and not a welcome one. That being said it is a nice highlight. I'm not a massive fan of the bulky packaging but it does come with a soft brush.

My favourite brush to apply powder highlighters is my contour brush in the Real Techniques core collection set.

What are your favourite highlighters? Will you be buying anymore for the holiday season?

Love blackpistachio x



  1. Girl meets pearl from Benefit has been my go to for years. So much glow! I use that as a base and layer over with Nars Lustre for a night out.

    1. Hi Mariam! Thank you for commenting :)
      Oo I've not tried that one. What's it like? Is it a liquid highlighter? Feel free to send me photos :)


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